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deanvinity asked: when i was little i'd finish a jar of pickles by myself in like 3 days and then stick a straw in the jar and drink the leftover juice (and by little i mean as long ago as two years)


this is literally the worst thing I’ve ever heard

you are terrible please see yourself out


okay a few more things

"turn around, pumpkin, i wanna see how it fits your butt"

"good morning, sweetheart"

"plant one on me, sugar lips"

"sweet dreams, babe"

"dean, sunshine, i love you but you need to let me sleep"

maaaan all i want to talk about is cas saying in that stupid gravelly voice of his gross stuff to dean like “dean, honey, can you get the trash?” or like “sweetie, you don’t need another knife, you have plenty of nice ones back home at the bunker” or even shit like “darling, i don’t think we should get out of bed this morning” and like dean would never fucking get used to all those bullshit gross nicknames, especially when cas won’t stop fucking calling him “sweetpea” in public because he knows dean is so easily flustered, and he doesn’t know it but cas simply won’t stop because he just loves seeing dean flush from the chest all the way up to the tips of his cute lil ears


You know for all the parallels we see between Dean and Momma this episode and how its supposed to illustrate the toxic nature of Dean’s interactions with Sam, it’s this scene in particular that rips the heart of me. Because this demonstrates another parallel relationship.

This is Dean coming for Sam. Dean protecting a Sam that’s under threat. Dean, in all his messed up world concept doing the best he can to love his brother and keep him from further harm, even though he believes that his entire existence is fundamentally offensive and unacceptable to Sam. Even though he believes and has apparently accepted that in similar situations he’s going to have to rescue himself or die alone…because the relationship is not two way in Dean’s perception…his brothers’ protection and returned approval and acceptance of Dean as family entitled to the things that position implies is contingent on Dean meeting a standard he just can’t seem to reach.

And that dynamic….that promise of devotion without reciprocation? The acknowledgement his life is a tool to be used for the others good but not a thing deserving protection as a result? We’ve seen Dean in this kind of relationship before. With John Winchester.

Sam may not know it but he’s now in a relationship where his brother is relating to him in the same way he related to his dad… accepting himself as something inadequate.. a useful tool.

This, to Dean is just the reality of family. The way love works for people like him apparently.


ugh. the thrill that must have gone through dean’s entire body when he made eye contact with the vamp as he killed him. 

ugh. can you imagine if he was like tell benny I said hello. 

also tell him that I miss him.

and his hugs.

and his pancakes.


and his musk.


The first time Cas wakes up hard as a human, he doesn’t know what to do. He knows that people do something (he’s heard Dean talk about it enough times), but he isn’t quite sure how it works.

So he calls Dean.

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Dean. Dean Dean Dean. Dean Dean. 



Cas: always in a constant state of 1000% done.